New Site…

Hi,Im Piplup U and this site has started a couple of days ago. I will start updating the site more next week…So please continue to visit my site (If you have just read what i said) 😉 Thanks for coming!


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  1. Well…Soo far soo good i guess?

  2. I will put you to my blogroll.
    Editor:Yo!…Thanks for adding me to your blogroll i appreciate it.

  3. Hey Piplup U!
    You commented on my site saying you want to be friends or something. Yyeah, sure we can be friends! But I don’t know how or when… Comment back!!!!!


  4. Oh, and, YES, I remember that I saw you at Rockhopper’s Ship. Weren’t you guys playing Pirate or something?
    Comment back!


  5. YO!!!…Thanks For Commenting…I don’t know how you all people came but…WOW!!!

  6. Can I be an admin here?

  7. Aww…I wanna work here, too…Up to you guys! I really don’t care because it’s your site, and not mine!
    P.S. If you’re my buddy on CP (Piplup U), then IF you ask, I will add you to my BLOG ROLL!!
    P.S.S. Greatpip, you’re already on my blog roll.


  8. You know what? I’m just going to add you guys to my blog roll because I actually want to. Is that ok?


  9. Don’t worry, I got the link.


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