Piplup U: 😦 Doesn’t anybody care that i’m banned!!!….Atleast 1 comment is enough to cheer me up!

Well…The sad news is that i’m banned forever!…The good news is that my dad emailed Club Penguin and i think they might unban me!…Well anyway, If i’m not unbanned (i know i will be unbanned)i will be at my xat mostly. Here’s the link


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  1. You’re banned?!?! 😦 But I just became your friend less than a week ago! Okay, I’m emailing Club Penguin!


  2. Please go here to contact Club Penguin and tell them Piplup U deserves to be unbanned!


  3. I emailed Club Penguin, Piplup U! Comment back!


  4. hey piplupu, can u comment on my site again, i deleted the comment by accident…! thanks!~

  5. Hey, I got an email back and they said they want to contact you and help you out! Email them, buddy!


  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! U got bann? Not a big deal dude.
    Editor:….Dude why are you sayin’ lol when im banned…FOREVER

  7. Also, Can u add me to your blogroll?
    I have about 8500 hits, And my site is Comment back.


  8. even tho idk you, but i kno what it is like to go thru a ban.
    cuz i got banned over the summer of 08 forever but i emailed cp and they unbanned me during the music festival.
    so i kno what it feels like

  9. Hay since your banned u can be editor of my site (p.s. i need one reely badly I spell badly)

  10. Hey Im sooo sorry man Im banned forever too it stinks someone please try to get me unbanned im the one and only ………..soulja45boy

  11. Underarmor, do you know how long ago this was? Wierdo. 😛

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