Und3ro4th97 has been a good friend to me. Und is the best!…Thank you Und for contacting Club Penguin ….Und…All i can say is that your the Bestest Friend!  Please Contact http://support.clubpenguin.com/help/contact/general.php and please tell Club Penguin to Un-Ban me…I just want that Hacker to be punished!


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  1. Club Penguin is a Rip-off….. My brother was a Member, and when he Membership was expire, hes house was gone, he could wear hes cloth etc…

  2. Don’t Worry, I will Tell All My Friends To Contact Club Penguin….

  3. Piplup! Thanks for the comments SOOO MUCH

    I’m sorry about your penguin… I’ll email Club Penguin! And BTW, check my blog for the answers to ur comments XD

  4. Thanks Jeszuz…By the way your site Rocks!…..Mods always hate me…I’m banned on Planet Cazmo too!…all i said was im going to sue Planet Cazmo and then BAM!….Banned…

  5. Hey!
    You’re welcome! You are a good friend, too, and all I can say is…you’re a good buddy, too! I really hope you get unbanned. Anyway, thanks for the picture! You rock! 😉


  6. und rocks! i agree with you!

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