Piplup U: Hey everybody! Greatpip’s second site is www.greatpip.waddlr.com and i’ve made my own site too! www.piplupuu.waddlr.com Oh and i just wanted to make this site for fun www.pokemon.waddlr.com 😉 I Made This Top Secret Page Called Videos if you want to see whats their then go to my Chat . If i’m there just ask if you want to go to that page.

 Ello Pengs!

Minutes away from now I will have a new blog!

I will post about it when it’s finished!

Hint:It’s a Waddlr!


Greatpip:Slight delay…


About Greatpip

I play CP alot.I go on frozen alot.Im not banned forever yet.I also go on Blizzard,Ice Berg, or Mammoth in my spare time.

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  1. Awesome!…I Can’t Wait Too See It!
    http://xat.com/chat/room/38897805/ <Go There

  2. Hey Piplup U,
    The widget, to go to my site…it doesn’t! Copy the link from my site CORRECTLY! Comment back! Click the name!


  3. Ok Und 😉 …I’ll edit it later.

  4. Hey, I made a page where you can make your own widget! You wanted me to make a page about it, so I did! 😉


  5. I Wonder Why It’s Not Working…

  6. Waddlr is hosted by WordPress, the only thing it is good is your blog wouldn’t get suspended because WordPress has no control over it.

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