3rd Party Hat!

Well I think I was wrong! This is what it’s showing on Club Penguin …..So this has to be the NEW Party Hat!Whoever lives in New York is LUCKY! They have a chance to go to the Club Penguin Anniversary Party! Oh and here’s a picture of a Purple Penguin just saying “Hi” with a cool Club Penguin shirt and the 3rd Party Hat.


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  1. Hey Piplup_U, thanks for commenting a lot on my blog! 😀 Oh, even you are from India! 😮 I don’t speak Urdu, I speak English, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil ( Tamil is my mother-tongue ). Your site is really good! 🙂
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

  2. hi! it’s dogsrcuties i just wanted to let you know that my blog is having a contest to give away an awsome penguin! All you have to do is be the 50th person to comment! !Yes it’s that simple!
    To enter the contest go to http://www.clubpenguin-tipssecrets.blogspot.com

    o and can this site be on your blogroll plzzzz.

  3. Hey piplup u did you get unbanned yet?

  4. Birdog202 ….I did NOT get Un-Banned…. 😦 It’s Sad News ….Hey tell me what ur site is! You might get to be on my Blog Roll 😀 Well You WILL Be On My Blog Roll!

  5. oh sorry to hear ur still not unbanned and here is a link birddog202.wordpress.com(thx)
    i’ll add you

  6. congrats you now have reached up to the 900s

  7. Yea My Site Is Still Working… 8)

  8. dude post that bionicle Move Along vid in the videos section and give me the pass.


  9. nice. ANYWYAy, thanks for commenting. well, join the club! Im not famous either.

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