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Piplup U: Welcome To The Team Birddog!

Hi I’m Birddog202  from www.birddog202.wordpress.comI will be posting here too ok now for the Halloween Party

Go to the snow forts to get the

pumpkin basket

Click the green lamp to go to a secret lab you must have the scientist costume

And the lantern is in the secret lab

ok  now for the candy credit is to blowsight10

The Snow Forts… Click on the blue flag.

The Dance Lounge… Click on the light.

Lodge Attic… Click on the blue box.

The Plaza… Click on the pot.

The Cove… Click the CAUTION sign.

The Iceberg… Click the aurora

The Lighthouse Beacon… Wait for three flashes of lightning.

The Book Room… Roll mouse over book.

And if you go to the dojo and wait until there is lighting you will see a ninja shadow I tried getting a picture but it wouldn’t show well Have a spooky day


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  1. Yo Birddog! Thanks For Helping Out! Oh! Welcome To The Team!

  2. np and thx

  3. I have a little secret…check my site to see what it is…tell me when we meet on your chat! 🙂

  4. im gonna quit cause of DISNEY!DOWN WIT DISNY!ETC…

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