Clothing catalog sneak peak

Piplup U: I’m going to have a party on Nov. 8th! I’ll have more details on Friday! If I’m not able to come to my OWN party (because i’m always busy) I’ll have the party some other day!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day To All The People In UK! Well because it’s Guy Fawkes Day Club Penguin has fireworks at the Iceberg and at the Ski Mountain!sparkly

Billybob just posted about the clothing catalog

There’s some great clothing coming out this Friday in Penguin Style, and also new wigs in the Big Wigs catalog — some exciting stuff you’ll be able to get for your penguin to help celebrate the winter season! Here’s a sneak peek of something you’ll see on Friday:




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  1. so that she can live in the ocean and sea

  2. Hey um r u english cuz i am. Im from UK!

  3. Hey thats a stupid picture i want a different one

  4. Please can u go on cp server tundra! and meet me at dojo.

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