Sneak Peek For The 10th Mission

UPDATE: I Just Wanted To Remind You All That I Am Having A Party On Dec. 6th! Dec.6th Is This Saturday! So Don’t Forget To Come! 😉

Hey Everybody! Billybob Gave Us A Little Sneak Peek Of What The Mission Is Going To Look Like!


I Think The Mission Is Going To Be About Finding A Missing Puffle! If You’ve Played The 9th Mission You Would Of Noticed That Herbert P. Bear Was Talking About “Puffles”. Here I’ll Show You Some Important Things He Said About Puffles.


Herbert P. Bear Knows That We Penguins, Adore Those Little Creatures! Anyway, Herbert P. Bear’s Plans “Involve Puffles. Lots And Lots Of Puffles…” Lets Just Hope He Doesn’t Take One Of Our Puffles!

Well, That Was My Idea Of What The New Mission Is Going To Be About! What Do You Think The New Mission Is Going To Be Out?  Comment Your Ideas! Cya For Now!



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  1. WOW! Cool researching! I never think about having an investigation in mission 9, cause when Herbert is talking, I just keep clicking at my mouse -.-

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