Christmas Party Sneak Peek

Hey Everybody! Today CP Showed Us A Sneak Peek Of How The Christmas Party Will Look Like!


I Think This Is How The Coffee Shop Looks Like. Anyway, Today Was A Good Day, Wasn’t It? Well It Was Good For Me Until, This Wild Ostrich Almost Attacked Me! It Was Really Scary! Anyway, I Just Wanted To Remind You That The Christmas Party Will Start On December 19. I Can’t Wait Till’ The Christmas Party Starts!

Until Then…Waddle On! ( I’m Not Trying To Copy Billybob, It Just Sounds Catchy. )


Posted on December 9, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. The Ostrich Chased For For About 5 Or 7 Min. And Then My Friends Were Driving Around On This ATV And Drove Up To Me And Picked Me Up And Drove Me Far Away From The Ostrich. It Was Really Scary!!!

  2. Wow! You go inside the jungle? But anyway, you should search for googles on how to avoid from ostrich attack just incase next time if you are attacked by ostrich. LOL.

    Well, this time, you post earlier than me -.-

    Until then… waddle on LOL

  3. lol! No, I Wasn’t In The Jungle. I Was On This Ranch Just Walking Around When Suddenly I Saw An Ostrich So I…(It’s A Long Story)

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