Whats Happening Soon

Hey, Pip Here! Today Billybob Just Talked About Whats Going To Happen Later On In This Week. Here’s Whats Going To Happen This Week.

  • Coins For Chage Will Be Coming!
  • Rockhopper Will Be Coming Too!
  • The New Play, “Quest For The Golden Puffle”, Will Also Be Arriving At The Stage!
  • Last, But Not Least, A New Better Igloos Catalog (To Help Your Christmas Decorating) Will Come Out!

If You’ve Been Wondering What Rockhopper’s Quarters Looks Like Then Here’s Your Chance! Here’s A Picture Of Captain Rockhopper’s Quarters!


To Go To Rockhopper’s Quarters You MUST Have The Key To Go Inside There. Here’s How You Get The Key…

  • Go To The Coffee Shop And Go Upstairs To The Book Room
  • Once Your In The Book Room, Click On The Little Book On The Bottom Left-Hand Corner Named,Tales & Stories.
  • After You’ve Clicked On The Book, Called Tales & Stories , Look Inside The Shelf And You’ll See A Book Called The Journal Of Captain Rockhopper , Click On It.
  • Go All The Way To The Last Page And You’ll See A Key Attached To A Little Note , Called Captain’s Quarters , Click On The Key.
  • Once You Do That….You’re Done! Now You Have Access To The Captain’s Quarters. Congrats! 😉

In Other News: For Those Of You In UK, The Club Penguin Team Has Been Working Hard On Something. They’re Not Going To Release All The Info, But They Did Tell Us To Check Sataurday’s Blog For Some Exciting Information!

Well, Those Of You In UK Sure Are Lucky! Lets Just Hope It’s Something Nice And Cool! Anyway, Be Ready For The Christmas Party Coming On December 19th!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Here’s A Picture I Wanted To Show You Guys! It’s A Picture Of Yarr, Captain Rockhopper’s Puffle.


Hope You Enjoy The Pic! Cya Later!


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  1. If Your Wondering What The Paper Ship Is… It’s When We Had To Find These Paper Ships That Had A Sketch Of Captain Rockhopper’s Ship Igloo On It! Hope I Helped!
    ~PiplupU 😉

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