Rockhopper Returns,New Furniture Catalog, And Coins For Change!

Hey Everbody! Sorry For Not Posting On Friday, I Had To Go To This HUGE Party. Well, I Thought Hssa Might Of Posted This Already On My Blog, But I Guess Not!

Finally Captain Rockhopper And Coins For Change Returns! You Can Donate “500” “250” Or “50” Coins To Each Of The Following Categories…

  • Kids Who Are Poor And Cannot Go To School
  • Kids Who Are Sick
  • Kids Without Parents Or Hurt By War

I Donated To All Of Them, How About You? Anyway, Captain Rockhopper Has Returned With A Precious Item, The Red Sailor’s Cap Mostly Called, The Red Toque! The Red Toque Is Free For Everyone! Here Are Some Of The Other Items He Brought Along With Him. Unfortunately, These Items Are For Members Only.

  • Green Parrot-400 Coins
  • (Furniture Item) Globe-350 Coins
  • (Furniture Item) “Coins For Change” Banner-500 Coins

Rockhopper’s Donation Goal Is: 56,000 Coins! Thats Alot, Isn’t It? Well You Can Donate At These Places…

  • Plaza
  • Beach
  • Captain Rockhopper’s Secret Quarters

The New Furniture Catalog Has Came Out Too! Here Are The Cheats…

The Picture Wasn’t Working For This One, So I’ll Tell You Myself!

  • Click On The Mistletoe To Get The Leaning Tree.

For This One I Didn’t Have Lots Of Time To Make A Picture! I’ll Just Tell It To You Myself Again.

  • Click On The Velvet Rope To Get The Welcome Mat

I Really Like The “Build Your Own Snow Fort” Page! Well, The New Play Came Out, Quest For The Golden Puffle. There’s Only One Cheat.


  • Click On The Golden Puffle For The Crook & Flail.

That’s All For Today! Hope You Liked My Post!


Posted on December 13, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. uhhhh I only see 1 picture.

  2. I Know Theres Only 1 Picture. For The Other 2 Pictures I Didn’t Have Time. I Only Had Enough Time To Do The Crook & Flail Cheat.

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