Toys To Arrive In UK

Remember When Billybob Said That There Was A Surprise For People In The UK? Well The Surprise Was The New Toys That Are Going To Arrive In UK! Here’s The Toys That They’ll Be Able To Buy-

  • 6″ Limited Penguins
  • 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figures
  • 4″ Pet Puffles
  • Igloo Playsets


The Club Penguin Team Is Still Working To Get The Club Penguin Card Available To UK Locations. Billybob Will Keep Us Updated, So If There’s Anything Special, We’ll Know!

I Want The Rockhopper Toy! Which Toy Up There Do You Guys Want? Comment Below Telling Me What You Want!

Until Then…Waddle On! (I Forgot All About This In Some Of My Recent Posts)


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  2. If you act like this you will get banned and can’t take pics for post in cp

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