Club Penguin Issue #166


Ok, I gone crazy enough, to the post, today we will talk about Club Penguin Issue #166

Are you all penguin feel excited about the Christmas Party tommorow? I bet 90% of you… no, it should be 99% of you all can’t wait for the Christmas Party tommorow! I guess I can’t really fall asleep tonight D OH, and the Christmas Party will be on Club Penguin for 10 days.

The Coin For Changes will be end at the 22nd of December, Monday. I donated the most coins – 4500 coins to Kids Who Are Sick and 3000 coins to the other course.

The Ice Rink will replace the Soccer Pitch soon. And… It is time to start thinking about hackey again. Members go get your hockey suits and waddle on to the Ice Rink.


Todays Secret Revealed is talking about…  SHHHH!!!! ( You know it is a secret, so better check it out yourself, I hate spoiling suprise. 🙂 )


This is the answer of Puzzle Shuffle. I need to keep refreshing to solve it =.= But anyway,hope you appreciate it D


We will be facing three upcoming events tommorow, Igloo Decorating, Christmas Party and New Pin. I will keep the fastest post to post about the Christmas Party and the New Pin tommorow! D



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  1. Piplup,copy and paste this to your text, it is the ( who.among us ) banner:

  2. ? why it won’t excist???

  3. Woah! You Posted Faster Then Me Today! I Woke Up Just To Post! 😥 My Precious Sleep…Anyway, Thanks For Posting!

  4. Didn’t I make a post here? ❓

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