Club Penguin Hidden Igloo Catalog & New Home Page!

These are the hidden igloo catalog. One of them is really cool. Better go check it out!

Click the top right of page 4 for the Secret Stone Igloo!

isThis is the way how you earn the Gingerbread House on page 14 & 15.


Club Penguin had designed a brand new home page! But I know they do this for a reason – Fix the ( Enter to naked Glitches ) and ( Unlimited Login Glitches ) 😉



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  1. Do you want a Rare 675 day old member penguin with rare and cool items and rare pins, well visit and to complete Round 1, you have to comment only 50 times, it should only take 5 minutes. Just do that and you will go through to Round 2 and you could win!

  2. Hello!
    I just made a site banner for my site! I would love it if you put it on your site. If you put it on your site, I’ll comment 10 times on your site. (Not counting this one). Just go to and add it.


  3. Thanks for adding my banner! You rock!

  4. Why don’t you like the video? Do you like the song or no?

  5. Wow I love this site! It’s so organized!

  6. Oh can you please fix my banner. I messed up on something. The real code is:

  7. Now thats weird. The code is

  8. Alright just go to my site and it should work now.

  9. Can you please add me to your blogroll? If you do, I would be very happy!

  10. This is actually really fun to listen to music and comment on your site!

  11. Do you like the song “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay? I’m listening to it right now 😉

  12. I can tell that in a few months, your site will be a major success! Alright, I have done 10 comments! I am pretty sure that I got you 20 hits!


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