Clothing Catlog is out

PiplupU: Hey Everybody! I’m Finally Back From My Trip, So I Will Now Be Posting Too. I Hope Everybody Likes The Catalog, I Sure Do!

Hey guys Birddog202 in this Clothing catalog its a mix of some new items and old items most of the hidden items are from the  last catalog but now there are wigs in it too!

Click the paint bucket to get the spikester wig


Click he light to get the spikette


Click the vase next to the penguin in the dress to get the fruit headress


click the present to get the yellow scarf


Click the top of the mountain to get the Russian hat


click the top of the tree to get the red helmet


click the hat of the snow man on the left to get the Pink Pom Pom Togue


click the snow flake to get the red hoodie


the ginger bread man pin is at the lodge attic


Cya next time!


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  1. When people ask me how I get hits I just say “Advertise.” I go on other people’s sites and say like “Nice post! Comment back.” I say that!


  2. Hello. This is R2dpenguin66 and I was wondering if you would like to exchange blogroll links. My site is and it has over 170,000 hits. Just comment if you are interested in exchanging links

  3. Sweet site!!! I dident know some of those catalog cheats,this site is great!!!

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