Member Event

Hello Everybody! It’s Been A Long Time Since There Has Been Any Member Event. I Think The Last Time They Had A Member Event Was When It Was The Halloween Party, And We Got The Lanterns. Anyway, Club Penguin Will Be Having Another Member Event In The Middle Of January, From 15th- 18th. Billybob Says It’s More Then A Party, And The Clothes From The Penguin Style Catalog Will Come In Handy.

Heres A Sneak Peek He Managed To Get.


I Think The Party Might Be Similar To The Music Jam.

What Do You Think, Comment Your Answers!




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  1. hello cool site and i met u along long time ago on this chat and u added me but then u deleted me 😦 here is my site

  2. thnx for visitingg mine and ur welcome

  3. i saw ur site on my friends blogroll and then i thought ur name looked familiar and it was 🙂

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