Member Party Update!

Wow! I’m Amazed To See That I Already Have 4,404 Awesome Hits!

Anyway, Billybob Gave Us Some More Information About The Member Party! There’s Some Cool Things Planned At The Night Club For The Party, Like Three Floors To Explore And A Chance To Meet DJ Cadence! Well, To Me It Seems Like They’re Going To Up-Grade The Night Club A Little Bit?

Here’s A Little Picture Of What We Should Expect At The Party.


If You Ask Me, I Think This Looks Similar To The Dance Game In Elite Penguin Force? Well Remember, The Party Starts From Thursday, Jan. 15 To Sunday, Jan. 18.


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  1. im not going to get membership i dont give a <strong>#!$ (Bad Word)
    PiplupU: It’s Ok. I’m Not Forcing You Too.Oh, And Please Don’t Cuss.

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