Member Party Has Started

Hey Everybody! The Member Party Has Finally Started! I’ll Show You All The Pics Of The Inside Of The Dance Club.


 This Is The Inside Of The Dance Club. They Are Giving Away Free Boomboxes.


Here Is The Lounge. It’s Very Noisy In Here!


Last, But Not Least, Is The Roof Of The Dance Club! If You Look Closely You See A Something Silver. That Is The Metal Roof We Land On In Jet Pack Adventure.

When You Get The Boombox You’re Able To Do A Special Dance. Here’s How It Looks.


Cool, Isn’t It? Well, That’s All For Now! It’s Pretty Hard Looking For Cadence. Anyway, Good Luck Finding Her!


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  1. Ugh. I’m Still Having A Bit Problems With Pictures…

  2. I would have helped, but I’m not a member, I don’t work here, and I can only use Printshop. You don’t need me here, dui.

  3. And you have more hits I admit it, so I’m no help to you.

  4. Cause I know Candace is on and I know what server.


  5. uhh… you can meet her anytime using straw000 tracker

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