Play expert difficulty in single and purple puffle cheat

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Hey guys Birddog202 here, there are 2 new cheats credits goes to Cabluey

Secret Purple Puffle Cheat:

1. If you don’t have one, buy a purple puffle.
2. Walk with your puffle.
3. Go to the Night Club.
4. Play Dance Contest.

You will be dancing with your purple puffle and earning more coins.


Play Expert Difficulty in Single Player:

1. Go to the Night Club.
2. Play Dance Contest.
3. Play Single Player.
4. Pick your song.
5. Click on DJ Cadence.
6. Choose expert difficulty.



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  1. I Just Bought Myself All The Puffles! (Just In Case)

  2. Oh, Thanks For Posting About This, Bird! You Rule!

  3. great post , Bird !

    Comment Back some time

    ps: I have a Epf Code Contest on my site ! click my name to see the contest !


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