PiplupU: Click Here To See My 4,500 Hits Party Invitation. Oh, I Forgot To Say This, But I’m Going To Select 3 Penguins To Be My Featured Penguins!

PiplupU: Woops! Sorry Authors! You Were Accidently Deleted From The Blog!

So, Have You Logged Onto Club Penguin Recently? Have You Noticed A Change? Well, I Have! They Have Changed The Login Screen, Again! Here’s How It Looks.member-member-member

Well, There Are Many Other Pictures Of How The Login Screen Looks. It Seems Like They’re Trying To Tell Us To Become A Member!

When You Log On To Club Penguin It Seems All Normal. Nothing Has Been Changed. If Your A Member, Then Click On Yourself. Notice Anything? Your Player Card Has A Member Badge On It! Here’s How It Looks!

member-badge1Club Penguin Has Also Sent Members A Special Post Card. All It Says Is:

Thanks For Being A Member!

We Made A Badge Just For You.

It’s On Your Player Card

In Other News, The Member Party Will End Tomorrow. Good Luck Finding Cadence!


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  1. How’d You Like The Post?

  2. uhhh if you get a coin code can you give me one cause i never got one 😦 ever 😥


  4. Yeah he did

  5. We didn’t post for a while oh well…

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