Fiesta Party Sneak Peek & More

Well, Sorry For Deleting You Authors. (Let Me Just Tell You That Birddog202 Has Done Only 17 Posts And Hssa Has Only Done 10 Posts.)

Anyway, The Fiesta Party Sneak Peek Came! (It Came Out Yesterday, Except I Wasn’t Able To Come On.)

Here’s The Picture Of The Sneak Peek.


Does It Seem Familar To Anybody Who Played CP Last Year? It Sure Does To Me! It Looks Like A Gold Pyramid! (Which It Is)

Well, Now I’m Going To Talk About The New Newspaper.

The New Newspaper Came Out And It Talks About The Fiesta Party, Which Is Coming Tomorrow!


Well, Here Are The Upcoming Events.

  • January 23-25 Is The Winter Fiesta Party.
  • January 30 Is When The Snow And Sports Catalog Gets Updated
  • Febuary 6- March 2 Is When The Penguin Style Catalog Will Get Updated

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  1. Piplup sorry for not posting alot but I’ll post more this time and try even if I’m busy.

  2. Add me back, please!! I didn’t have any time to get on the computer! I want TO BE AN AUTHOR SO SO SO SO SO BAD!!! ADD ME BACK, PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


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