Hey Everybody! Since There’s Nothing Really Happening In Club Penguin, I Wanted To Talk About My Friend, Timles.

Timles Has Recently Started A Site. His Site Is: http://timles.wordpress.com

He’s Been My Friend Since A Long Time! We’ve Been Friends Since Last Year In Club Penguin! Since Piplup U Got Banned, I Wasn’t Able To Talk To None Of My Friends. When I Created Rsnail 1st I Tried To Find Everybody In My Buddy List That I Could Remember! I Found Many Of My Old Buddies, But I Couldn’t Find Timles. One Day I Was Just Walking Around Club Penguin On The Server Tuxedo When I Suddenly Saw Timles! I Was Amazed! I Went Up And Started Saying “I’m Piplup U, I’m Piplup U!” I Failed. The Message Didn’t Go Through, So I Decided To Say I’m Pip! It Came Through, But It Took Time For Him To Realize Who I Was Talking About.  I Was Really Happy That Timles Was Finally My Buddy On CP Again, But Sad That Timles Didn’t Know About My Chat Or My Site. Two Days Ago I Was At My Igloo. Lonley. Sad. I Was Sad Because My Membership Had Ended! I Opened A New Tab And Just Started Browsing Around Some Club Penguin Sites. I Went On CP For A While When Suddenly My Friend Mileysis21 Came Out Of Knowhere! We Just Sat There Talking, Talking, And Talking. Sooner Or Later Timles Came And We Were All Dancing And Throwing Snowballs At Each Other In My Igloo. I Was Sad That Timles Couldn’t Talk To Mileysis21 And I At My Chat. I Started Saying “Search Me On Google”, But It Seemed Like It Didn’t Come Through, So I Decided To Say “Search Me On “Goggle”. That Didn’t Work Too. I Started Saying Some Other Random Hints So He Could Find My Chat. I Think One Of My Random Words Came Through And He Must Of Searched “Piplup U” Or “Rsnail 1st” On Google. He Found My Site And Eventually He Found My Chat!

Well, Timles Is A Really Good Friend! I Just Wanted To Advertise His Site On My Site, So He Could Get More Hits.

Click Here To Go To Timles Site.



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  1. hi piplup
    i am johjud4. i am timles best friend in real life and i met u on club penguin too.i added u then u deleted me so i really want to meet u again on cp

    PiplupU: Sure, I’ll Meet You Anytime You Want. All You Have To Do Is Tell Me The Time, Date, And Location! Oh, And Sorry About Deleting You. I Sometimes Need To Delete To Make Some Room.

  2. piplup u, thank you sooooooooo much for writing a whole paragraph about me!!!! u r awesome!!! p.s. ill advertise u on my site too.

  3. hi piplupU i’m one of timles best friends in real life and i club penguin hes a nice guy. I want to know if we could meet and be buddys i’m normally on mukluk

  4. hey im timles’s friend too!!!!! lol so yea………… bye

  5. Ooo i think it’s so cool that u would wright a whooole page about timles! =)………….(and 2 sentences about me)


  6. hey i am timles friend and pip lets meet at mukluk on 2/20/09 and at 12:00 pst

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