Upcoming sports catalog

PiplupU:Hey Everybody! I’m Really Surprised That I Finally Have 5,000 Hits! Because Of That, I’m Going To Have A Party! I’ll Decide  When. Anyway, Please Continue Telling People About My Site. Oh, And I’m Also Happy That My Chat Is Getting Featured On Xat Alot! Well, Thanks Everybody!

Hey guys Birddog202 here  the sports catalog is coming out on Friday here is a sneak peak Billybob posted

A brand new Snow and Sports catalog comes out on Friday and I wanted to give you a sneak peek:

snowsport.jpgTake your best guesses – Let us know what you think these might be!

In Other News: There was so much creativity happening on the island for the Fiesta Party! You guys are awesome. Even though the Fiesta-val is done, there’s a lot more fun coming up in Club Penguin…


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  1. Cool Site! I have a party and a contest on my site.


  2. Hey,
    Awesome site!
    Please comment back on my site ( click my name)

  3. Well I’m 11 but I turn 12 in March!

    Comment back.


  4. 1st 1 iz a rok-climbing wall, 2nd 1 iz those exercising balls. the 1’s gurlz use 4 pilates…..

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