Author Contest

Ugh. I’m Sorry, But I Accidentally Messed Up This Poll. I’m Sorry To Say This, But Hssa And Und3ro4th97 Will Be Removed. Hssa, I’m Extremely Sorry. When I Viewed The Results, Everyone Voted For Hssa. It Was 100%. Well, Und3ro4th97 Will Be Removed Because She Takes A Little Bit Alot Of Time To Post. I Want Authors Who Will Post Immediately When A New Item Or Etc. Comes Out. I Know That I Don’t Post Something That Immediately Comes Out Sometimes, But I Do Occasionally And So Does Bird AND Hssa. Well, I’ll Be Having Another Commenting Contest For The Author Contest SOON. I’ll Inform You 1 Day After The Author Contest Starts, So You’ll Know When To Turn On Your Computer And START Commenting!

Good Luck!

Scroll Down To See Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats.


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  1. Hey Piplup I need to know the date so I can make the invite

  2. Sorry that I haven’t posted… I was busy and you basically posted the things that I was going to. 😦


  3. Well Hssa and I one of us will be removed.

  4. I just wanna ask, what poll are you talking about? ==

  5. Well… Okay. I….. I’m sorry. My latest post, the Sports Catalog, I was in a rush, no joke. But I guess things happen for a reason, correct? Well, hope you have a good life.

    Final goodbye.


  6. at least still add me to your blogroll, you promise me to put me in your blogroll for 1 year! 😮

  7. Hey I want to enter This Contest Because I will make sure that i will write a post as fast,i will make parties,and i maybe give a cp coin code Please Add me if u want to ~Burninzon

  8. Good luck everyone and sorry hssa and und

  9. ooooo can i be an authour plz?

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