January Snow & Sport Catalog Secret, Lily Pin, Paint By Letter Delayed & Member Account Updated!

Jan.2009 Snow & Sports Catalog had just been released, click the Climbing Walls in page 15 for the Mountain Climber & Hiking Boots!


New background avaible for non-member, the other two are repeated.


To get the Silver Surfboard, click HERE and go to cheat number 13.

Plus there is a new pin at the lighthouse beacon, it is the lily pin.


The New Paint By Letters that is supposed to be realease today will be delay because of some bugs are found in the game so The Club Penguin Team have to squash them all, so the game won’t be ready for everyone yet!

Aww… I thought I’ll be the first to update the hidden coin in there! (

And new update for all member account. You can now know if other penguin is a member by just clicking their player card. Here is a sample of a random member account:

Oh,  and congratulation, Jfirework,  you’re the lucky player card to be choosen by Girard85!


Also, there is a member badge glitch in which the smiley face or member badge will not appear on your buddy’s player card, another sample of my random buddy:

Congratulation Blooyoo for being the lucky penguin I choosen!

Credits to: Straw000



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  1. Wow! Thanks For Posting So Fast!

  2. Heya,Try maing some competitions to make it more hits,or some music videos. btw awesome site


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