Lime Green Dojo Clean

PiplupU: I’m Sorry If You’re Having Any Difficulties With This Guide. I Really Think That This Is My Worst Post Ever. I’m Not Really Good At Making Guides. 😥

The New Paint By Letters Book Is Out!

Here Are The Cheats

When I Say Finish The Sixth Page, Or Any Other Page, I Mean Finish Typing In All The Words.

  1. Go To The Bookroom And Click On The Red Book On The Bottom Right Of Your Screen.
  2. Click On The New Paint By Letters Book.
  3. Keep On Typing Until You Finish The First Page.
  4. Click On The Mop Right Next To The Penguin And Drag It Up. (Pretend Like Your Throwing It) The Mop Should Land Somewhere On The Floor Outside The Window.
  5. Once The Mop Is Outside The Window, Click On It And Drag It Around The Whole Screen. Color The Whole Screen Blue. You Should See The Hidden Coin Now.
  6. Finish The Second Page. Click On The Bucket Of Lime Green Paint. Throw It Up And Quickly Grab The Hidden Coin Underneath.
  7. Finish The Third Page. Above The Penguins Head Is A Big Glob Of Green Paint. Click On That Paint And Keep On Dragging It Around Until It Gets Smaller, Smaller, And Smaller. Once It Turns REALLY Small, You’ll Receive Your Hidden Coin.
  8. Finish The Fourth Page. You Should See A Penguin Lying On The Floor Trying To Make A “Paint Angel”. Slide Your Mouse Over Him. (Pretend Like Your Playing Hockey)
  9. Keep On Hitting The Dojo Wall Until The Penguin Flies Up To The Roof. Now Slide The Penguin Left. The Hidden Coin Should Fall Out Of The Roof.
  10. Finish The Fifth Page. Slide The Blue Penguin And Yourself Across The Room. Now, Some Squares On The Wall Will Light Up Green. Copy The Pattern It Does. Once You Copy The Pattern, The Hidden Coin Will Appear.
  11. Finish The Sixth Page. Once Your Standing On The Paint Can, Click On It And Drag It To The Right. You Should See The Hidden Coin On The Floor.
  12. Finish The Seventh Page. Click On The Light Bulb Above The Penguin Who Is In The Paint Can. The Room Will Get Dark And You’ll Have To Do Many Mazes. (Hint: Try Not To Touch The Walls) Once You Complete The Mazes, The Room Will Light Up And You Can Now Get Your Hidden Coin.
  13. Finish The Eighth Page. Click On The Box Of Capes Below The Penguin. Keep On Clicking On The Box Until 2 Old Socks Come Out. Drag The Socks To The Penguins Hand And Exchange Them With The Green Capes. Once You Exchange The Socks With The Capes, The Hidden Coin Will Appear.
  14. Finish The Ninth Page And….


Hope I Helped!



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