Puffle party

Hey Birddog here I can’t wait until the puffle party and heres a new post cp made

Hello Penguins!

It was great to see all the comments about the upcoming Puffle Party that’ll be in Club Penguin from Feb. 20 – 24. The team loved to hear that you’re totally excited about it and we really want to know what your all-time favorite party has been in Club Penguin.  Which one did you love the most, and why did you think it was the best? If you can’t remember all the parties your penguin has been to, check out the Yearbooks in the Book Room to refresh your memory.

party.jpgCya later https://i1.wp.com/pagalguy.s3.amazonaws.com/smilies/new_smilie_colors1.gif


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    can i have billybob on my buddy list?!?!?!?!?!??!

  2. Cool rainbow smiley faces! How did u do that?

  3. who have won the author contest i want to win

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