New language for club penguin

PiplupU: Hey Everybody. Sorry For Not Posting Lately. I’ve Had Lots Of Homework Lately. Anyway, Thanks For Posting Bird!

Hey Birddog here there is now a French version of club penguin new-french-servers

and there are three servers french-servers

and here’s Billybob’s new post

ool stuff is coming on Friday when you’ll notice that your puffles will be playing more with their furniture items!! If you’ve already got puffles and puffle furniture, you don’t need to buy more — just get ready to watch the new ways they sleep, play, and eat. The best part is that their health will increase, too!bed1.jpg

well that’s all for now cya!


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  1. Thanks For Posting, Bird. I Couldn’t Go On The Computer For A Few Days… Oh, Can You Capitalize The First Word In Every Sentence, Please. Thanks. 🙂

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