Newspaper Issue #174

Hey Everybody! I Finally Have Some Time To Post.

Remember, The Puffle Party Is On Feb. 20!

Puffle Party On Feb. 20

Team Blue Returns To The Stage On Feb. 13!

Team Blue Returns!

Anyway, Here Are The Upcoming Events.

Upcoming Events

 So, Do You Have Any Puffle And Are You Happy That Team Blue Returns? Comment Your Answers Below!

Click Here To See Happy77’s Interview With A Stage Artist.


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  1. clubpenguinexclusive

    nice post 🙂

    comment back!

    NOTE: I am accepting anyone on my blogroll so comment if you wanna join our sites ultimate links!

    -Club Penguin City

  2. new pin is at the mine shack.
    click the dodgeball in the stage costume catalog for the viking helmet.
    Puffle Party update in Club Penguin, you can walk on coffee shop and gift shop wall.
    Although I can’t post, I’ll give you the information in comment!


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