New Play & Preparation For Puffle Party

PiplupU: Yesterday Was Friday The 13th. Luckily, Nothing Bad Happened To Me. Anyway, Happy Valentines Day! By The Way, They Updated How The Puffle Catalog Looks, But They Didn’t Change The Items.

Hey Everybody! Team Blue Came Back To The Stage Today!

Click On The Dodgeball For The Red Viking Helmet. (Thanks Hssa)

Click On Eric The Red's Dodgeball

Well, Club Penguin Is Already Starting To Get Ready For The Puffle Party That’s Coming On Feb. 20!

Here’s Some Places Where You’ll See Items For The Puffle Party.

  • Town
  • Ski Village
  • Forest (Check This One Out)
  • Cove
  • The Plaza
  • Ice Berg
  • Lighthouse
  • Beacon
  • Pool (Check This One Out)
  • Night Club

I Can’t Wait To See What’s In Those Huge Boxes! What Do You Think Is In Those Boxes? Comment Your Answers Below!

(Are Your Puffles Playing With The Furniture? Mine Are Not.)


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  1. I think there might be some puffle toys or maybe a different colored puffle =)


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