Toy Update!

Hey Everybody! New Club Penguin Toys Are Coming Soon! It’s Very Hard To Find A Club Penguin Toy For Some Of You, So Club Penguin Is Trying To Make Sure That All These Toys Will Be Available For Everyone!

Club Penguin Has Released A 6″ Limited Edition penguins and 2″ Mix & Match figures At North American Toys’R’Us locations, North American Disney Stores And Theme Parks, At The Club Penguin Online Shop, And In Disney Stores In UK.


Anyway, The Club Penguin Team Is Still Trying To Fix The Bugs That Some Of Us Penguins Are Experiencing. They Really, Really Appreciate Your Patience And They’ll Tell Us When Their Done “Squashing” The Bugs.

Oh, There Are Two New Postcards!



So, What Do You Think Of The New Gary The Gadget Toy And The New Postcards? I Like The Gary The Gadget Toy And The Team Blue Postcard. What About You? Comment Your Answers Below!


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