White Puffle Also Seen On Notice Board

Hey Everybody! I Saw A Picture Of The White Puffle On The Notice Board!


It’s Wierd How Rockhopper Didn’t Notice…


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  1. I’ll post next time pip 😉

  2. Hi

    I saw your comments on Mohd’s site.

    Wwe Adam is no longer going to help Mohd, and we are friends again.

    Most people really don’t understand why I left Mohd. Here’s among the many reasons:


    He swears to much and is racist, and bias against me. I will take no more


  3. Hey, Mohd. I just saw all those mean words that you’ve said to Chewy on one of his “other” site. I’m kind of on Chewy’s side… Maybe yours too… (I Want Chewy To Add Me)

    – I can read any comment you post on mohd222.wordpress.com, moderated or not. He didnt remove me from his site for some odd reason
    PiplupU: Woah. That’s Wierd.

  4. wait piplup ur rsnail 1st?oops im sorry i delelted u if u r.i didnt kno lollzzz!sorry im tryin to get on cp on fjord i will be in the town if you can get on.

  5. lol cool! u should visit my blog.

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