White Puffle, Clothing Catalog, & More!

PiplupU: 😥 My good friend, Supernova64, has quit. He has given me his penguin to take care of. Thank you, Supernova64.

Hey Everybody! I have good news. It’s Friday and the White Puffle has been released! You can buy the White Puffle by going to the Pet Shop and clicking on the Adopt A Puffle Catalog.


Have you bought one yet? I named my White Puffle Snow!

The new clothing catalog is here! Let’s start with the cheats!

Click on the gold in the background for the Pot ‘O Gold.


Click on “MORE” for the boa!


Click on the bright patch of light right behind the girl for the Red Viking Helmet. Click on it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click on any of these letters for the Spikester.


Click on the “R” in clearance for the Fruit Headdress.


Well, those are all the cheats! Anyway, the Saint Patrick’s Day Party starts next Friday, and it seems like Club Penguin is already starting to decorate.


You can find some more decorations at the Cove, Forest, and Ski Village.


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  1. Cool Name, Mines called Bingo!

    (Your Comment Back)


  2. Nice post dude

  3. Thanks, Bird.

  4. hey u still wanna work for my site?

  5. its me Oneurt

  6. ok dude. You are now an editor. Also can you work only for my site? I figure you can make it better that way. I’ll add you as admin if you accept.

  7. dude, I told you look at the bottom. and your admin dude! lol, I want you to be admin. Ur a good friend and i want to give you my site so you take care of it. your the chosen one.

  8. Woah. I’m… The Chosen One!

  9. Oneurt I need some help with aq worlds

  10. so u wanna be admin or what? Ur choise….

  11. Okay, Just tell me when your ready to pack out. you can custom widgets, links, etc…..

  12. are you online? i am going to your chat (xat)

  13. Hey Dude,

    Want more hits!?

    Then join my unlimted links http://cphelp.co.nr and go to the unlimted links page and fill out the form its simple! 😉

  14. Hey dude, i havent deleted you. ARe you sure about that? I havent deleted anyone on PD (pandanda) at all.

  15. I just check on Pandanda and you are really off my buddylist. I really dont know how. if you want, i can add you again dude. I raelly havent remove anyone or else I would have only had 1-2 pages of friends, instead I have 12pages of buddies and it still growing.
    PiplupU: Who Cares Now. I Bet I’ll Still Be Deleted Anyway.

  16. Dude, i didnt even know you were off my buddlist. I really didnt removeyou.

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