Penguin Play Awards, Snow Sculptures, & Better Igloos Catalog

PiplupU: Hey everyone! Who likes the new theme & header?

Hello penguins! Once again, sorry for the late post. It’s just that now I’m not able to go to the computer in the morning, so I can’t post so early now. Some days I might be able to. Well, let’s start with the post!

The Penguin Play Awards are here! You are able to vote for your favorite plays by going to the Plaza and clicking on the voting booth.

Voting Booth






And, the Stage has a temporary new look!

Temp. New Look









Members are only allowed to enter the stage. Inside the stage, backstage, members are able to receive their own Penguin Play Award. (If your lucky enough, you might meet Aunt Arctic backstage.)

It’s now time to see the snow sculptures!


Ice4biel’s Sculpture (Dock)


Lucasbas’s Sculpture (Ski Village)

Marco A9

Marco A9’s Sculpture (Lighthouse)


Wubby98’s Sculpture (Beacon)

Now it’s time to start with the Better Igloo’s Catalog!


Click on the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball.

Puffle Posters

Click on “Puffle” in Puffle Posters for the White Puffle Poster.


Click on the Pinata for the Aquarium.

snow tower

Click on the snow tower for the Green Birdhouse.

igloo upgrades

The Igloo Upgrades Catalog has also been updated! (You can access the Igloo Upgrades Catalog by clicking on the little igloo right below the Better Igloos Catalog.)

The only thing new in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog is the new Restaraunt Igloo.



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  3. Thanks, Bird!

  4. Awesome Post!

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