Catalog Cheats, Game Upgrades, & Snow Sculptures

Hey everyone! I’m going to start off with the Snow & Sports Catalog cheats!

You can acess the Snow & Sports Catalog by going to the Ski Village and entering the Sports Shop. Once your in the Sports Shop, click on the purple book.


Click on the green penguin in the background for his uniform.


Click on the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Hat.


Well, those were all the cheats I could find. If I found more, I’ll be sure to post ’em here!

Anyway, the Martial Artworks Catalog has been updated and the new items are the White Gi and the Tea Table.

If you read the newspaper, they talked about Game Upgrades. Well, you can find some of these game upgrades at these following locations:

  • Cove
  • Dock
  • Ski Lodge

I’m in kind of a hurry, so I may have forgotten some other locations.

Here are the sculptures of the new winners that are scattered around the island.


Imagem’s sculpture. Located at Beach.


Eggy1plant’s sculpture. Located at Ski Village.


Zsanett’s sculpture. Located at Ski Village.

Those are just a couple of new sculptures I found. You can find the other sculptures by looking around the island!

The new pin is located at the Lodge Attic. It is a Top Hat.



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