More About Member Badges

Hey everyone! Remember last week? When Club Penguin made some changes to the Member Badges? Well, many penguins have been asking how to get from one level to another and the Club Penguin team has answered our question.

As you all know, each badge badge reflects the amount of time you’ve signed up for as a member. Each “month” equals 30 days of membership.

There are five different badges in total:

0 – 6 months 7 – 12 months 13 – 18 months 19 – 24 months 25+ months

I hope that helped! Anyway, don’t forget that the April Fool’s Party is tomorrow! I can’t wait!


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  1. I bet you the free item is a blue propeller hat. (Maybe in the Mine)

  2. COol Post & Site 😀
    Please Reply Back on My Site if you can 😀

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