April Fools Party Cheats

Hey everyone! Are you all enjoying the April Fool’s Party? Well, here are some tips and cheats for the party.

The free item is the Blue Propeller Cap. You can find it at the Mine.


Members can check out the Box Store and purchase some boxes!


You can purchase four types of boxes.


If you purchase the portal box, put it somewhere in your igloo. Then, step on the Portal Box to be transported to some weird dimension!


Non-members can also come here! All you have to do is find an igloo with the Portal Box and step inside!

So, are you all having fun on April Fool’s Day? Are any of you going to pull a joke on somebody? Well, let me know by commenting below!


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  1. the room is very cool, they should keep it!

  2. They will after the party because you will still have the portal boxes

  3. Pip what happened to the new theme?

  4. I post fast because when Club Penguin turns another day old, it’s afternoon here!

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