Medieval Party News

Hey everyone! As you all know, Club Penguin loves to hear our ideas and feedback because they think it helps make Club Penguin alot better! Their especially excited today because we’ll get to help pick out something special that’ll go in the upcoming catalog. Well, there’s a big party in May, and they wanted us to pick out a background. Here are the sketches:


The picture that we choose will be put into the background for the special party catalog!

By looking at these sketches, I can tell this will be a Medieval Party! What kind of party do you think it’ll be? Comment your answers below!

By the way, I’ve been thinking of having a Rare Penguin Contest. Should I have one?


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  1. i like the third one, and you should have one!

  2. is there a cheat of non members doing the knight quest? if there is not can u make me member for free please? here is my penguin and password.

    penguin: [PRIVATE]

    password: [PRIVATE]

    PiplupU: I’m sorry, but there isn’t. If you ever want to use a member penguin, try checking my Password Box. If a member penguin is not there, then I’m sorry.

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