Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt ’09

Hey everyone! Easter is here and 8 eggs have been hidden around Club Penguin! Well, here’s where all the eggs are hidden!

1. You can find the first egg by going to the Town and clicking on the light bulb with no light.







2. You can find the second egg in the Cove next to the rocks.






3. You can find the third egg by going to the Mine and hovering your mouse over the cave.






4. You can find the fourth egg by going to the Dojo Courtyard and clicking on the chinese lamp.







5. You can find the fifth egg by going to the Gift Shop and clicking on the gray hat.






6. You can find the sixth egg in the fish box at the Ski Lodge.






7. You can find the seventh egg by going to the Mountain and clicking on the directions sign.





8. You can find the eighth egg by going to the Beacon and switching off the lamp.

Congratulations! You may now collect the Pink Bunny Ears!



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  1. Wow. I’m pretty happy rare items are coming back. Not that happy though.

  2. Nice Post!
    Comment back on my site

  3. I see no point in rare in a game now and the only rare items will be pins and party hats since they won’t bring those back.

  4. Thanks! We should meet sometime!

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