Mysterious Blue Egg

Hey everyone! We finally have 8,000 hits! Thanks to everyone who comes here! Since we have 8,000 hits, I’ve decided to have a rare penguin contest! More info will be coming soon!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s another egg at the Mine! It’s a mysterious blue egg! You’re not able to collect it, but it’s still interesting.



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  1. i think thats from last years egg hunt
    PiplupU: That’s a good guess, but nope. It’s not from last years egg hunt.

  2. Wow what? LOL, Idk why you wowed about…

  3. maybe its a chicken egg 😯

  4. 😐 Ha! That’s what my friend said earlier.

  5. I’ve seen it.It is sooooooooo wierd! :p

  6. Im having a coin code contest! You should check it out!

  7. Round 2 of the Rare Penguin Contest started! Visit my site to continue on!


    PS: I’ll add you to my secondary blogroll but second to the top!

  8. maybe it will take us to a MAGICAL WORLD 🙂

  9. Its noting amazing…its not even an egg! its where the artist drew it and te map just covered it………………………………………………………..

  10. Actually, its appart of the rock. It just looks like an egg. If you want more Club Penguin cheats, check out my blog at


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