You Decide Picture & Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone! I’m really, really, really sorry for posting late! I’ve been having a couple of tests in school, and I had to STUDY! Well, lets get started!

Remember when we had to pick 3 backgrounds to be put in a catalog? Well, the picture has been chosen! And the picture is, Choice #3!


By looking at this picture, we can tell this will be another Medieval Party! The Medeival Party will go from May 8- 17. Wow! 10 days! And speaking of the Medeival Party, Billybob managed to get us a sneak peek!


Some of you may remember lasty years party, and the Club Penguin Team will try to bring back some of our favorite parts. There may also be something special planned out for the members…


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  1. I think the blue egg in the Mine is a baby dragon’s egg!

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