Happy77 Asks An Artist (& Sneak Peek!)

Hey everyone! As you all know, there’s a new Better Igloos Catalog coming out tomorrow. Happy77 managed to show us a sneak peek of some of the furniture catalog’s items.

plant sketches_D.jpg

Seems like this catalog will have lots of plants!

Here’s Happy77’s interview with one of the Better Igloos Catalog artist.

Where do you get your ideas for making furniture and items for igloos?
We love getting ideas from players and it’s fun to pay attention to what’s going on in the game. If players are saying they want something, we try to make it!


Have you ever considered making couches out of candy?
Yes. I remember there was talk about it around the holidays. So far we haven’t but we’ll have to wait and see.

What’s your fave furniture item of all time?
I really like the Koi Pond because of the animated fish. I have three in my igloo.


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  1. 2nd blog roll because you have over 7,000 hits but you need to add Club Penguin Seven to your blog roll.

  2. Do u remember me?
    PiplupU: I think so… I’m not realy sure though!

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