Penguins Getting Paid!

Hey everyone! Is anyone here a tour guide, or part of the PSA? If your penguin is old enough, you can become one of those. You never know. You might get some special surprises. Well, it’s going to be announced on May 1st, in the newspaper, that penguins will get paid for doing those jobs!


Aunt Arctic, the editor of the Club Penguin Times, will give us more info on May 1st, in the newspaper.

If we actually do get paid, what would be the first thing you do with those coins? Would you save them, or just spend ’em right away!  Comment your answers below!

By the way, we didn’t have many entries for the Rare Penguin Contest. Sorry, but we won’t have the contest.


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  1. I’m having a beta penguin contest! You might wanna check it out!

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