Club Penguin Times Issue #184

Hey everyone! Sorry for this late post. I wasn’t able to go on the computer yesterday. Anyway, lets start with the post!


If you happened to read the article about the Medieval Party, you must’ve seen something that said “maze.”  I have a big feeling that there will be a quest for members, to find the hidden treasure in the underground maze!


It turned out that penguins will start getting paid on May 1st! You will get paid 250 coins per month for each job! So, if your a Tour Guide and Secret Agent, you’ll get 500 coins each month!

By the way, members can now buy the new toboggan at the Ski Hill!


Well, here are the upcoming events!



There was a post that Billybob made yesterday, and I didn’t get to post it. So I thought I’d do it today!

Alot of penguins have told the Club Penguin staff that the Medeival Party is their favorite, so Billybob decided to give us a sneak peek of what we’ll see this year. The Club Penguin team is bringing back some of the old things that we thought were the coolest. (Don’t worry, there will be new things too!)


Seems like the Town will be the same. Wait. What’s that green robe in the corner? Will that be a secret item in the catalog that’s coming out? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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