Penguin Style Catalog & More!

Hey everyone. Here’s the cheats for the Penguin Style Catalog that just go released today.

Click on the gray square for the Crystal Staff.




Click on the window for the Woodsman Hat.









Click on the dragon shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume.






Click on the tea cup for the Black Graduation Cap.





Click on the patch of light for the Red Viking Helmet. Click on it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.





Click on the sign for the Spikester.






Click on the girl’s hoodie for the Boa.





If you look around Club Penguin, you’ll see that they are already preparing for the Medieval Party. Also, remember to check your mail if your a tour guide or secret agent.


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  1. cool post, also my party is in 2 hours, please TRY to come!

  2. i SORRY abotu deleting you, im gonna add u at the party, i though your name was piplup u, lol

  3. How have you been doing?

  4. I’m having a series 2 coin code contest! You should check it out!

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