Medieval Party ’09 Cheats

Hey everyone! Are you enjoying the Medieval Party? Well, I’m here to help some of you out by giving you some cheats.

First of all, pick up your Wizard Hat in the Lighthouse.

Wizard Hat

After that, go to the Town and click on this poster.

Knights Needed

It’ll take you inside a cave, and in front of a big gate.

Big Gate

Only members are allowed to go inside this cave and do the quest.

Follow these steps to obtain the three free items.

  1. Stand on all of the platforms to light up all of the orbs.
  2. Hit 50 targets, and pick up your free Golden Shield.
  3. Pick up your free Golden Knight’s Helmet. To complete this maze, go downleft, down, right, right, up.
  4. After you complete the maze, pick up your Golden Knight’s Armor! That’s all!

When your done with all that, go to the Gift Shop. In the bottom right-hand corner, there is a scroll. Click on it. I don’t know if you’ve realized, but that’s the Medieval Catalog! All of the items are for members, except one background. Also, be sure to collect your pin in the Boiler Room!

Enjoy the party!


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