The Haunting Of The Viking Opera Cheats

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Viking Opera


 Hey! The Haunting Of The Viking Opera came to the Stage today, and I’m here with all of the cheats!

Click on the viking helmet for the Red Viking Helmet. Click on it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Red Viking Helmet



While the Blue Viking Helmet pop-up is still there, click on Helga’s viking helmet.

Helmet Prize








If you did that correctly, you can now purchase the Gold Viking Helmet!

Gold Viking Helmet








Here’s a another little cheat involing the Ghost Costume and the Flashlight.

  1. Purchase the Ghost Costume and the Flashlight, if not done already.
  2. Wear only the Ghost Costume and the Flashlight. Nothing Else!
  3. Now press the “D” button on your keyboard.
  4. Your penguin is now glowing! Enjoy being the “Glowing Ghost!”

[Scroll Down For The Medieval Party ’09 Cheats]


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