Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats & More!

Hey everyone! The Snow & Sports Catalog has been updated, and only has one cheat.

Click on the flying soccer ball for the Green Soccer Jersey.

sports catalog cheat



There’s also new music for member’s igloos!

new music










I say Puffle Ragtime is the best!

Pip Dance


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  1. clubpenguinpals1

    i do like puffle ragtime too!!!!!!!!!

  2. 😆 I’m glad somebody likes that song to!

  3. I actually is not quitting yet. It’s just that, this year I’m on my grade 6 so I have to prepare for my examination, it’s very important to me for finding jobs in the future. So ya, I would like to hire you and birddog202 as an adminstrator of hssa. also, I PROMISE that as long as I’m free, I would sure check my blog of post! Tell birddog about this too!

  4. Check out a RARE PENGUIN contest at and you could win! 😉

  5. cool post!

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