Adventure Party 2009!

PiplupU: Thanks for posting Pochoma! I think I’ll be able to post now. If not, my friend Pochoma will post for me! 😀

Hey everyone! This is Pochoma123. The first ever Adventure Party is here! I think this is one of the best parties I have seen in 2 years, but thats just me. Anyway, there are plants, waterfalls, a boat, and of course free items! Lets start off witht the  scavenger hunt:

Item 1, Pool:
Item 2,
Item 3,
Item 4, Snow Forts:
Item 5, Ice Burg:
Item 6, Plaza:
Item 7, Beach:
Item 8, Forest:

There is also a free item at the Plaza. It is a green saffari hat,  so now everyone can explore!
If you are a member, head over to the Forest and go up to the Tree House! There are a bunch of birds and a weird snowball eating plant! Walk over to the box filled with stuffed birds for the Tropical Bird Item!


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  1. hey pip! its timles i got a new computer in my room so im not on the chat alot but hi!

  2. cool post!

  3. Paint Straw100

    Go to
    and say that Ichigo Kuro1 brought me here!

  4. Can you refer me here : by saying “Wexfief referred me to this site” ? If I win, I will make a membership contest AND a coin code contest and YOU get to choose what kind of contest I make. Please refer ASAP.


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