Club Penguin Times Issue #192

Hey everyone! The new issue of the newspaper has been released, and it seems pretty interesting. First of all, the 101 Days of Fun page has been updated.

101 Days of Fun

The Dojo Igloo Contest winners have also been announced too! The grand prize winners have received 25,000 coins, and the runner-ups have received 15,000 coins! Congratulations to all the winners!

Dojo Igloo Contest Winners

All the plants from the party have been moved to the storage to be kept uner control. (The storage is the Box Dimension)

Plants Moved To Storage

The upcoming events seem really boring to me. The exciting events to me are that the Better Igloos Catalog will be updated, and there will be a new pin tomorrow too! (Oh, and I think my guess about penguin archaeologists was true!)

Upcoming Events 


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